Model R150 (for Vegetable & Animal both)
Specially designed Encapsulation machine line for R&D and Small production quantity plan, R150 is designed and constructed in accordance with the requirement of the pharmaceutical and food industry and in observance of GMP standards and CE regulations. It provides production management and PLC control with touch monitor for user friendly.

All machine components which contacted with the products confirm to the current standards of hygiene with stainless (SUS 316L) etc.
Specialized compact design for R & D purpose and small production quantity plan
Applying to closing or minimized gap design in assembly section.
Basic machine frame is used AL 6061 which has high rigidity against contamination under absorption of vibration and low geometric alteration
Flexibility and user friendly operation by PLC Control system with touch monitor.
Applying the design which the hopper and feeding section can be removed from the main body smoothly and easily for convenient clean, maintenance and repairing.
Quick and easy part change-over design.
cGMP compliant design
Expected output based on classifi cation of dies
Classification of Die /Number of Cavity
Plunger for Medicine Pump
Capacity/min (5RPM)
9.5 Oblong / 29
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 87~174Caps
16 Oblong / 36
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 108~216Caps
20 Oblong / 34
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 102~204Caps
22 B-Oblong / 29
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 87~174Caps
3 Oval / 44
Ø6x2 Plunger
Approx. 132~528Caps
5 Oval / 40
Ø6x2 Plunger
Approx. 120~480Caps
10 Oval / 32
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 96~384Caps
12 Oval / 33
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 99~396Caps
9 Round / 30
Ø6x2 Plunger
Approx. 90~360Caps
40 Round / 22
Ø12x2 Plunger
Approx. 66~132Caps
Production rates can vary depending on machine speed, fi ll material viscosity and operator experience.
Output(Approx.) Refer to the above sheet (Depending on product condition and requirement)
Applying product Soft Gelatin Capsule
Size of Die Roll Out Dizmeter Ø150×100mm
Power consumption Approx. 17kW
Control Touch Monitor / PLC
Air pressure 8kg f/㎡
Electricity 3phase, 380V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 1,150(L)mm×1,050(W)mm×1,150(H)mm
Weight Approx. 1,100kg